P72C automatic assembly inspection machine

Equipment informationEquipment specifications
Suitable productElectronic parts
Material of productElectronic parts
IndustryElectronic parts
Function of equipmentAssembly, Quality check
Type of equipmentFully auto

This production equipment is applied to the assembly and various inspection processes of P72C parts.

The production line is divided into 10 parts. The main functions include:

Automatic loading of the main body mold

Automatic assembling positive and negative copper and ground piece

Automatically push positive and negative and ground pieces into the main mode

Automatic detection of the internal resistance of the pole piece

Automatic test pole piece GO/NO GO

Automatically detect the pressure insulation performance between the positive and negative electrodes

Automatically detect the height of the positive and negative electrode sheets and the bottom surface of the main mold, and sort and unload the qualified/non-conforming products

Working principle

1. Plastic body of the product is automatically aligned by the vibrating bowl feeder and placing into the machine by the robot.

2. The positive and negative pole pieces are automatically aligned by the vibration bowl feeder.

3. The robot takes positive and negative pole pieces and automatically presses on the plastic body.

4. Automatic internal resistance detectio

5. Automatic GO/NO GO detection

6. Automatic pressure test

7. Automatic height detection

8. Automatic unloading finished product on a conveyor belt

Speed60 pieces / min
Mode of operationAutomatic, Touch screen manual, Touch screen parameter settings
Power supply3-plase 380V
Air supply 0.6Mpa
Equipment dimensions (Length x Width x Height)4.5m x 3.1m x 1.5m
Major components

Cylinder: SMC

Guide rail: HIWIN

Index table: DEX



Structure of equipment

Main body components: vibrating discharge device, feeding device, dispensing device

Positive electrode / negative electrode / ground plate feeding device

Pressing device

GO/NO Go gauge

Height detecting device

Internal resistance detecting device

Withstand voltage detecting device

Conveyor belt, blanking and sorting device

Internal resistance meter

Rotary work disk